Autumn is a very well-chosen season for celebrating a wedding, firstly due to its slowly decreased temperatures and secondly as a consequence of the shorter days. The breeze, the leaves, the souls that seem to be a lot more profound and full of love, after the summer that consumed everyone’s desire of adventure, not to mention that the announcement that you will marry in autumn will be one of the most sentimental Mother’s Day gifts.

Wedding are special by definition and there is no proven evidence that could not agree with this fact, but like every special event it needs to be prepared with patience an maximum involvement from your side. When I highlight this idea, I refer mainly to the details that bring color to your once in a lifetime event. I refer to wedding accessories, shoes, plans and moreover, if your wedding is about to take part in September, I also refer to autumn wedding favors.


Silly as it may seem, you have no idea how important these are for the general atmosphere of the ceremony. These make your heart a lot more warm and encourages you to express your feelings as well as you know.

Autumn brings powerful colors into evidence, dark red, brown, yellow and other warm and friendly shades and you can only take advantage of this benefits. You can start using them for your wedding invitations and it would not be a wrong choice blending them with the wedding accessories as well. These bring up the idea of wealth, energy and self-control and bring to the guests the feeling of taking part into a highly sophisticated event. With easy-to-follow weight loss plans and meals, nutritionists offers diets to a healthier body to be in top form at wedding

Autumn wedding favors include seeds which you can add on the place cards in order to suggest to your guests to take a seat and to seed them as soon as they arrive home. Its message is quite funny and we could easily notice that its sense of humor is combined with elegance and modesty. Another great idea for party favors is to offer jars or boxes filled with leaves, fir cones, acorns, chestnuts, dried flowers and other natural elements reminding of autumn, together with a message containing quotes from Each favor can have a different relationship quote if you like, and you can take the messages from the internet, or from your favorite books, songs and movies. Also, if you want to be really original, then you can always buy small ribbons of different colors and add them to favors. This way, you can make these small objects one of a kind.

Also, autumn wedding favors refer to candies as well. In case you want to offer a special gift to your guests through which you would like to say “Thank you for having joined us on this very special occasion”, you could start considering buying some boxes filled with chocolate of different flavors, from peppermint to strawberry. Small objects that could be kept as symbols of your wedding and which would delight your guests would be some messages saying “Thank you!” written on some pieces of rock.

The people who have chosen to be close to you on this very special day deserve this autumn wedding favors from your part, particularly if you were lucky to celebrate your union of love in this season. Looking at the facts stated above, it does seem that there are many ways in which you can make the wedding favors unique. Whether you choose to buy small ribbons or make use of quotes, you can personalize the favors you will offer guests.