Created by Franco Moschino in 1983, the brand became famous from the start thanks to the colorful, innovative and eccentric design but also for the way Moschino criticized the fashion industry. With a provocative and vibrant style, his designs were very appreciated by the hard working women who felt the need of innovation and at Moschino fashion house they could find it.

Retro Look with Moschino Wedding Dresses Retro Look with Moschino Wedding Dresses Pictures

In the same manner, Moschino creations for bridal gowns have a special mixture between retro style and glamour. So, those who dream to a retro look in Moschino Wedding Dresses won’t be disappointed. A very good example is this Moschino Silk Tiered Flounce Dress, a creation from February 2008, a mini dress with an ethereal air and empire line, chiffon cap sleeves attached to a fitted bodice and a spectacular duble-tiered hem. But to complete your retro look need to try some retro hair color ideas.

Worn in the ad campaign by Alana Zimmer, the dress is a romantic and fascinating mixture, in the lightest, putty-colored, barely-there, silk sheer chiffon and allows future brides to make on opinion about what means Retro Look with Moschino Wedding Dresses and how can a dress make their wedding day to be a spectacular one.

Moschino is a brand that incorporates several labels and from those, the exclusive ones are: Moschino –the main line for men and women, Love Moschino –the diffusion line for men and women, Moschino Cheap and Chic –the secondary line for women. Besides those, across the world under Moschino brand, are sold: cosmetics, accessories, jewelry, perfumes and also jet helmets.

Moschino wedding dresses and other articles with Moschino signature can be found in stores from Rome, Milan, Capri, New York, Paris, Berlin, London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Istanbul, Vilnius, Dubai, Kuwait City, Beijing and other stores across the Asian continents.

For registry office, brides can choose a different dress, like a retro cocktail one, lush and feminine with vibrant floral motif, royal blue and taupe silk. With decorative slim straps and fabric crease at hips and waist, the dress is just above the knees. The bride will surely feel chic and sexy in this retro refined dress.

Retro Moschino wedding dresses and retro Moschino cocktail dresses are able to carry the brides back into the retro atmosphere of the 50s and 60s but without forgetting the class and glamour of modernity. That’s why the Retro Look with Moschino Wedding Dresses is unique and impossible to be associated to other designers.