For future brides we have the 2012′s top 5 wedding dresses trends which will make your search for the perfect dress easier. If you have not decided on what type of dress you want to have on your wedding it is best that you know what the trends for 2012 are going to be. We have here styles for all kind of brides from unusual dresses to classic wedding dresses. Here are the trends for 2012.

separated wedding dresses separated wedding dresses picture
  • Separated wedding dresses: this type of dress is quite unusual because the skirt and the upper part of the dress are two separate things. The skirt can be very puffy like the one made out of tulle or you can go with a flowy dress like the maxi skirt. The skirt is not connected to the upper part which means that you can choose anything you want just as long as it goes with the bottom part.
colorful wedding dresses colorful wedding dresses picture
  • This year designers have started to experiment with colors in the wedding dresses department. The wedding dress does not have to be only white, ivory or champagne. You can choose any color you want just as long as it looks like a wedding dress. If you have a favorite color why not incorporate it in your wedding dress. The idea of using colors for a wedding dress is not something new because in the Orient women have worn colorful wedding dresses since forever.
polka dot wedding dresses polka dot wedding dresses picture
  • Polka dots are a trend this year for wedding dresses. They can be seen on wedding dresses in 2012. If you like polka dots why not buy a dress that has them.
illusion neckline wedding dresses illusion neckline wedding dresses picture
  • The next trend the designers have prepared for us is the illusion neckline. Since the wedding of Princess Kate the illusion necklines have gotten back in trend. We have seen more and more dresses with an illusion neckline and future brides like them. The illusion neckline is basically a special lace that usually covers the neckline and the shoulders.
sheer skirt wedding dresses sheer skirt wedding dresses picture
  • The sheer dresses which were in style in the 20s are back in trend. This is perfect if you have beautiful legs because the sheer skirt usually goes as far as the knee.

These are the 2012′s top 5 wedding dresses trends which the designers have presented to us on the runway. As you can see you have a lot of diversity as far as wedding dresses are concerned.